Thursday, 10 December 2015


Anthony Constantinou attended The London School of Medicine at Queen Mary, University of London where he was a fellow at Post-Doctoral Research. At that time, he worked on the project sponsored by the NIHR and named “Improving Risk Management in Mental Health Services.” The project involved the use of Bayesian network models in the development of decision backup for risk management and risk assessment of violent conduct in Forensic Psychiatry.

In 2012, Anthony Constantinou completed his Ph.D after the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council awarded him and founded a complete scholarship of three years and half in the United Kingdom. The title of his thesis was “ Bayesian networks for decision making, risk assessment, and prediction in an inefficient Association Football gambling market.”

The school of EECS nominated his thesis for the best British Ph.D/DPhil papers in Computer Science competition of 2013/2014. The Council of Professors and Heads of Computing and British Computer Society manages the competition. During his thesis, Anthony Constantinou was a research member at Queen Mary, University of London, of the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science and Risk And Information Management Research Group.


Primarily, Professor Norman Fenton supervised his thesis and Professor Martin Neil did it secondary. Constantinou received a scholarship from Impact QM EPSRC during his third year in Ph.D. The purpose of the award was to develop economic impact by improving industrial and academic research in the United Kingdom through collaboration.

Between 2009 and 2013, Anthony Constantinou worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Software Engineering and Theory, Procedural Programming, and Software Risk Assessment. The Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences from University of Hertfordshire awarded Constantinou a degree of M.Sc with Distinction in Artificial Intelligence with Robotics.